I've had this thing for about three years. It was made in 1976, along with 2500 other Citicars. A friend in DC. has one, and that's how I found out about it. The Citicar was made as a production vehicle in the 1970s by a Florida company called Sebring Vanguard. The ride is a little rough, and it only goes 45 miles an hour, so it isn't suited for highway driving. However, the electricity is free (part of an electric company study) and the car is easy to maintain. When I used to pay for electricity, the Citicar cost me $.02 per mile.

For more information about electric cars in general, I recommend contacting Greenwheels.

My car was used by a Grandmother in the 1970's, who drove it every day to her job at a local church. Eventually, her husband needed a wheel-chair, so they put a tarp on it and bought a car that could accommodate the wheel-chair. It sat under a tarp, until local Jeweler and E.V. enthusiast Ron Kolb found out about it in 1993, and bought it for me. He restored it and brought it back to life. I had some headaches with the Maryland motor vehicle test (they don't like odd cars) but now it's street legal, with license plates and all!

For the truly obsessive Citicar fan, here are some more pictures:

I've moved to California in the summer of 1996, and had to leave my Citicar behind in Maryland. The car was then sold to someone near Boston.

Some Citicar references:

* Nu-Kar electric vehicles 800/598-6904 901/853-6904 - Authors of Citicar service manual - a must have! Address: 710 Highway 57, Collierville TN 38017

* There is a salvage yard in Cobol, Missouri that specializes in Citicars, and he has a large collection. The owner, Myron Purvis "The Electric Car Man", can be reached at (417) 469-2886. I've been told that he likes to hold onto his Citicars though, so you'll probably have trouble getting him to sell you one.

* A wonderful, fun book about the Citicar: The Lost Cord, the Storyteller's History of the Electric Car by Barbara Taylor. This book is now out of print, and difficult to find.

* Brake information, courtesy of Jeff Puckett:

* Brake parts information: Jay-parr supply, phone 219 825 5861, fax 219 825 7354, 58075 S.R. 13 S., Middlebury, IN 46540, 0020111 boot & ring bendix 3202118, 0020112 cup, BENDIX
* Brake shoes: Page Brake Company, 256 west 700 south, Salt Lake City, UT 84101, 801 363 3844 or 800 453 9662