Lute Beginner - Music and Lesson Logs

In these pages you will find the songs, exercises and lesson notes I've made as I've learned to play renaissance lute.

My goal with these web pages is three-fold:

1) write up information that might be useful to others wanting to learn the renaissance lute.

2) create a central place where I can find all my notes, track my progress, and find all that tablature I've played.

3) to make digital copies of the various hand-outs I received from my lute teacher Franklin Lei (who graciously gave me permission to reproduce his handouts here on my web site)

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A month by month guide to Lute Lessons

Two weeks before a lesson - trying to make a pleasant sound
First month - basic technique: hitting the right strings
Second month - basic technique and simple two voice music
Third month - technique getting better, working on good sound and agogic playing and more complex two voice music

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About the tablature files at this site.

All the tablature available at this site was created with a Windows program called "Fronimo". Fronimo is an excellent program for reading and creating lute tablature, as well as playing the piece via MIDI. For the beginner, it is extremely helpful to be able to play along with a piece of music, and any sound card's built in synthesizer will do a good enough job to practice with.

Click here to download an evaluation version of Fronimo v2.1. All features are available, except for saving files, so you can play and practice with the tablature files above. Note that while the $150 registration fee is somewhat high for shareware, the software is very well written, a first rate job, and well worth the cost.
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